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Written by ABR   
Thursday, 01 November 2007 00:00

"Alright boys, this is it.  This is our chance at glory, the one moment

all remembered athletes strive for.  We can either bow down and let the

Cougars take away our chance at national victory once again, or we can

rip our rightful victory from their grasp."  Coach looked like he had

never looked before.  There was a new passion in his eyes, a passion

spawned from desperation.  This was his last chance and all the men

knew it.  In Coach Leams thirty years of coaching in the professional

league, he has never tasted national victory.  Talk of forced

retirement filled the management offices, and this was to be his last

game. "Johns," barked Coach Leams at his star quarterback Philip Johns.

"Yes Coach?" answered back the anxious Johns.  The pressure on him this

last quarter of this monumental game laid heavy on his mind.  He

wanted, no he needed to bring Leams and himself this victory.  He

promised his fiancée, Gloria, that he would give up the game for a

career more stable than pro football.  With their first on the way, she

often got nervous while he was away days at a time.  He loved Gloria

and would gladly do anything for her. "Johns it's up to you.  Their

defence is weak and tired, now is your chance to get the ball down

field.  All we need is one more touchdown and we are the new National

Champions.  I need you Johns, this is your moment.  This is our

moment." "I'll make you proud Coach, I'll make you proud."


"Sport fans this is it.  Bullets head coach Leams has called a time out

to stop the clock.  With a minute left on the clock, they still have

time to take the lead.  This is Leams and the Bullets star quarterback,

Johns, last game.  There is a lot running on this play; this play will

determine if Leams can retire in glory or walk away in shame.  Alright,

the Bullets are taking the field.  The snap--Johns has the ball--he is

looking for an opening--the Cougars are closing in--he's going to throw

it--no, no wait he's he's running it!--Johns dashes by number

thirty-two and twelve--wait number seven is in close behind Johns--this

is it folks!--Johns is almost to the line--seven is closing in

fast!--seven jumps for the tackle!--Johns reaches and yes folks he is

in! He is in!  The Bullets have won their first National Championship!

I haven't seen such a play in my twenty odd years of broadcasting!

Coach Leams and Johns have their victory!" Johns looked up at the crowd

roaring into excitement.  A feeling of pride surged through his body as

he watched his teamates were coming onto the field.  He looked down at

the ball, the winning ball, they had won.  It almost seemed unreal,

impossible.  Few athletes will ever get to taste sweet success like

this.  He had done it, he gave Leams his championship! The Bullets

lifted their comrade onto their shoulders.  This was the first great

success of the team.  A team that often got cast into the shadows for

their lack of skill and notoriety, but this victorious moment was

theirs.  Johns was their hero, their saviour.  Johns would definitely go

down into the history book as the greatest quarterback the Bullets have

ever and will ever see. "Mr. Johns, wake up.  Philip?  Are you

listening to me?  It's time to take your medicine." Johns looked up to

see the oh so "friendly" nurse Gloria at the foot of the bed holding a

cup full of multi-colored pills.  Pills that supposedly kept him alive,

though why anyone would want to live in this way was beyond Johns. "Now

Mr. Johns, take your pills and then ill wheel you down to lunch.

You've got to eat you know, keep your strength up." "Keep my strength

up?  What strength!  It doesn't take any strength to have people like

you do everything for me! Gloria, do you realize I'm thirty-five years

old and have ever felt what it's like to walk!  I'm worse than a child!

I'm useless!" "Now, now, Mr. Johns, don't talk like that.  You know I

have to take care of you while Mr. Leams is out of town.  It'll be the

death of me if he comes back from Europe and finds his nephew dead now

wouldn't it.  Why are you so pissy?  You are lucky to have such a great

uncle like Mr. Leams to take care of you.  I just don't understand you

sometimes.  Did you have that dream again?" "Why do you care what I

dream about?  If it's any of your business, which it isn't, but yes, I

did have that dream.  I was great, I was wonderful.  Every eye in the

world looked onto me with admiration, even Uncle's.  Now leave me be

and stop worrying about me, it was just a cripple man's dream."


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