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Some of the major motorhome manufacturers in the UK were asked “What are your best selling models from the range you produce?”

Their answers were sometimes quite surprising although some were fairly obvious.   If you were asked would you have guessed which vans would feature?

Check out the list below and see if you would have been correct:


Best Seller - Van Twin
Adria’s concept of converting the long-wheelbase high-top Fiat Ducato van, and squeezing a semi permanent bed that’s nearly 6ft 5in long, and that hinges away to free up valuable living space was apparently a stroke of genius, as the Van Twin accounted for over a third of Adria’s sales of one of the UK’s most popular imported models in the year in which sales figures were analysed.


Best Seller - Starburst
The Starburst’s owes its success as much to its attention to detail as it does to its popular layout, which provides full length  seats/beds complemented by an end washroom in a compact 6.37metre-long body shell. Sales of the Starburst were over 15% of Autocruises’s total sales, however Autocruise is now part of the Swift Group which, if taken in to account  would change the results (see the results below for the Swift Group)


Best Seller - Symbol
Auto-Sleeper states that the Symbol was its biggest seller ‘by a country mile’. The biggest improvement the new model had over its predecessor was the greatly increased  interior space, however the better drive of the Peugeot Boxer base vehicle influenced the sales as well.


Best Seller - Celex
The Celex is made in both long and short-wheelbase models and demonstrates all that Bilbo does best.  Individual conversions of the ever popular Volkswagen’s Transporter.


Best Seller - Argos A747-2/A748-2
There are two variants made by Burstner of their best selling tag axle model.  The 747/2 has a double diner, whereas the 748/2 has an L-shaped settee in the lounge.  The Argos model range was actually launched in February 2007, although the first deliveries did not go out till June of that year; however sales hit a record figure of close to 150 by the end of the season.


Best Seller - Carioca 656
This popular model accounted for almost a third of Ci’s sales in the year the survey was carried out.  Hire fleets liked the model too as its multi-berthed layout, competitive price and its ability to stand up to the rigours of multiple users made it ideal for them.


Best Seller - Autoquest 115
The Explorer Group, who manufactures this popular model, says that the Elddis Autoquest 140 was actually their best selling motorhome for the year but the Compass Avantgarde 115, which is actually the same motorhome but with different badge and different and upholstery and which is also made by Explorer Group, accounted for 16% of their sales in the year of the survey.


Best Seller - Van 522
Based on Ford’s long standing Transit, the Van 522 has a spacious enough living space to have a permanent transverse rear double bed over a large garage type storage area.


Best Seller - Van TI 550
The Van TI 550 also has a fixed transverse bed to the rear over a garage type storage area.  It also has a unique double-door arrangement for the washroom and a colour scheme that makes it stand out from the crowd.


Best Seller - Outlook
At less than 5metres long the Outlook is very compact, and, like most Romahomes, the Outlook is a go-anywhere motorhome which has time and time again proved to be a practical camper as well as being up to the more mundane tasks such as supermarket parking. A total of 80 were purchased during the season of the survey.


Best Seller - Bolero 680 FB
The Bolero 680 FB has a class leading design, a well planned layout and excellent price for the specification. One fifth of all Swift Group models sold in the survey year was a Bolero 680 FB, however the Swift Sundance 630L and Ace Milano were not far behind.


Best Seller - Tribute 650
Packing a 150 litre freezer into the Tribute 650 van conversion is only one of the reasons suggested for the success of the Tribute 650. It reported sales of around 200 vehicles during the survey year.  One of the other good reasons for its excellent sales figures was its starting price of just under £30,000


How many did you guess correctly?




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