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iveco_gasrec_veolia_cbm_truckAt the Fleet Van Awards held in the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London recently the Iveco Daily was named as the Green van of the year 2009 in the alternative fuel category.
Liquid Bio Methane extracted from a landfill site is being used to power a natural-gas-converted Iveco Daily.
Waste management company Veolia Environmental Services is running the 6,500kg GVW 136hp Daily for six months in trials, backed by the UK's first commercial Liquid Bio Methane producer, Gasrec, which also supplied the vehicle.
The aim is to show that the gas, which is supplied by tanker in liquid form for bunkered storage and results in 70% less CO2 being emitted than with diesel, is commercially viable.
Gas is obtained from existing landfill sites via the decomposition of biomass or from the controlled digestion of the biomass by-products of food manufacture, retail and other industries.

Iveco recommend the use of LBM in their gas powered vans. LBM is produced by a company called Gasrec from the products of the output of landfill site making it a good ‘green’ alternative and helping it to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.  The methane gas produced by landfill sites across the country is generally wasted by venting it to the atmosphere affecting global warming, however Gasrec harness the latent power source and use it to power Iveco’s (and other) commercial vehicles.  How green can you get!  Iveco has invested a lot of money to market this new greener vehicle, which has a long range and is quick to refuel, offering a renewable and sensible alternative to the standard vehicles in operation today.
Some facts:
LBM is a commercially competitive and environmentally friendly fuel.
It can be directly substituted for natural gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG)
The government considers that LBM is a sustainable alternative to biodiesel or ethanol due to its impact on source depletion
LBM has an extremely low carbon footprint, almost 70% less than that of diesel.
As well as the Iveco Daily, Gasrec, the producer of Liquid Bio Methane (LBM), is entering into a six -month trial with East Midlands Airport to run a modified Cobus 3000 passenger transfer bus using CNG sourced from Liquefied Bio Methane (LBM). Their fuel is produced from decomposing organic waste and is suitable for powering a wide range of commercial vehicles. When LBM is used as a vehicle fuel to displace diesel, it can achieve up to 60 per cent reduction in CO2.
The East Midlands Airport transfer bus trial, which is claimed to be a world first, aims to collect information on the potential benefits provided by LBM compared to a similar vehicle fuelled with diesel.
If the trial proves successful additional bio-methane vehicles will be used in Veolia’s fleet. As Veolia is one of the largest waste contractors, the long-term use of bio-methane in Veolia’s fleet will help reduce the NOX, PM10 and CO2 emissions associated with Veolia’s services.

How long before you take your motorhome to the local tip to fill it up!!


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